My boyfriend is becoming an atheist, how do I deal with it?

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February 5, 2021
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My boyfriend is becoming an atheist, how do I deal with it?

My boyfriend is becoming an atheist, how do I deal with it?

Hello family. I have an issue, I have been dating Kojo for the past 5 years, after several failed relationships I can say I am confident I’ve now found the right person. I met him a staunch Christian, he helped me out very much as a Christian. For some time now I have felt him drawing slowly away from his faith, he just recently came to the conclusion that there is no God and that all religion is a man-made tool of social control. As far as our relationship is concerned everything is still fine and we are even discussing marriage. 

Is it okay for me to go ahead and marry someone with these views? 

Even though he has mentioned that I am completely free to practice my faith I am afraid that my faith may weaken over time.

Had it been any of my past relationships I would have quit immediately but this guy is just too perfect for me and it has taken a lot to get here. Besides, I don’t feel I have the time or energy to start a new relationship. Guys what should I do?


  1. Nimo says:

    First question is have you prayed about it?

  2. free things says:

    I am the man

  3. yaa bleppony says:

    Really tough position to be in but given your story I’d say you should not leave him, good matches are actually hard to find.
    Keep praying for him and stay connected to a strong community of believers to keep your faith strong. As for the relationship don’t quit it.

  4. free things says:


  5. Komsa says:

    Talk with him or make him see the counselors

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