So much work to do, how do I still meditate?

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February 4, 2021
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February 4, 2021

So much work to do, how do I still meditate?

I am going through this struggle that I am sure a number of you may have gone through and probably overcome. I lead a startup that is growing quite fast , I think it is taking a toll on my spirituality. The basic source of the problem is that there is always so much work to do. I work very late and sleep quite late too, I very often I’m woken up by one work call or another and so starts my day. It is only recently that I have been able to carvel some 15 minutes in the morning for devotion. The problem is that besides that short time in the morning I hardly make any time in the course of the day to meditate on the word. I know that 15 minutes in the morning is woefully inadequate but it is very challenging to find meditation time through the day. The problem with running a company is that you never actually “close” and the work is never really finished. You may or may not be running a startup but finding time to meditate would have been a struggle for you before. How did you find a way around it? How do I meditate with all this work?


  1. Destiny LAS says:

    To me, finding 15minutes in the morning to have your devotion is a great start. Kudos for that! And it is possible to do more just as you desire. And the good thing here is that you are the owner of the company. You should decide on the time either in the morning before work or withintheday or after work, switch off your phone or put your phone on silent or flight mode during that time so you do not get distracted. Or you can use your lunch time. It has to be conscious and as the owner of the company, you set your rules. Let your clients or employees know that at this particular time of the day whether morning or afternoon or evening you will be unavailable and would not like to be disturb. More importantly you can pray a silent pray for the Holy Spirit to help you out. That prayer can be anytime at anywhere 😊

  2. Jose Makarios says:

    Since you tend to wake up by a call to work, that shows the priority you have placed on the business/work. It goes without saying that you can achieve whatever target you set with relation to the work… In the same way, you can set this as a target to be achieved in the morning (or any suitable time); that you are sparing 15-20minutes for meditation or even a less duration for the start… It’s going to be difficult… Yes; however you will be able to do it since your personality enables you to overcome the difficulty attached to your main work…

    All I’m saying is that, first ask God for strength…
    Then psyche up your mind that the duration you set is for meditation
    Afterwards, start right away (don’t procrastinate)

    That’s what I think


  3. sharon iphy says:

    I for one don’t believe in constant meditation on the word but having a brief conversation amidst the work traffic with the Holy Spirit, does it for me. It gives me some sort of surety and bliss concerning whatever.

  4. Victoria Addo says:

    I’ve struggled with having my morning devotions too. What helped me was creating a schedule and making sure i stuck to it. There are times when you genuinely can’t have devotions but making a conscious effort to stick to whatever time you set aside for devotions really go a long way to build your spiritual life.

  5. Wisdom Ametorwobla says:

    It’s well understood you’ve got a lot to do and biblically it’s written *an ideal hand mustn’t eat*(paraphrased). But one think God detest so greatly is giving Him a second place in your life (heart) also known as Idolatry( the ten commandments and also the greatest commandment Jesus pointed too). This a real of late where people forget the factor God and redirect His first love for love work and satisfaction. Anything toiled for outside reverence and firstly recognizing God( mediating on His words to know Him and His will) is absolute distraction and a dead work. David in the bible was a mighty man of valor yet inquires from God daily and find time for meditation before going on any mission or movement. So he got a reputation as a man after God’s heart ❤️. God isn’t interested in the hardwork until it’s a kind that emanate out of the very things he expects as His children ( Joshua 1:8).
    Despite the tight schedules, make time for God and he will lighten your burden. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Switch the phone 📱 off for 30 minutes and meditate. So will God be blessed and glorified. We must exemplify the manifold wisdom of amidst tight schedules like daniel did when he cautioned from praying yet never gave up. There’s no temptation that has overtaken a man except that which is common, but God is faithful not to give you one beyond you carry but provide way of escape that you can bear it. Let’s reveal the excellencies of God as His chosen generation by being faithful and loyal because the God who called us is ever faithful. God bless you😊

  6. Kay Daniels says:

    You were even able to make up 15 minutes for your devotion and that is a huge step. I started giving myself devotional time through the help of others, especially my girlfriend, who kept sending me devotional scriptures and Word to start up my day.

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