I am a Christian, I bet, is there anything wrong?

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February 4, 2021
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February 5, 2021

I am a Christian, I bet, is there anything wrong?

My christian sisters and brothers I want to know is there anything really wrong with sports betting? I won’t lie I have started doing it and even though I felt really bad in the beginning I don’t feel that bad but it any longer. I know this could be interpreted as dying conscience but trust me I’ve done quite a lot of thinking about this. First of all I love soccer very much, I watch it a lot and I think that I have a sharper than usual understanding of the game. My winnings so far prove that I analyse quite well, so why not keep winning some money this relatively easy way? 

I know that in substance sports betting is no different from lottery which I have always heard is bad for a Christian to do. It has never been explained to me why the lottery is bad, because when you think we actually all bet on different things. For example, when you put your money in the bank you are betting that the bank won’t collapse and that they’ll have your money for you when you ask for it. Stock market investment is substantially not different, you are betting a company’s stock price will go up, I don’t think I’ll ever tell someone that stock investment is ungodly. 

I’m a Christian, I bet, is there something I’m getting wrong?

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